Healthcare2U is very aware COVID-19 has crippled our economy and left millions of our fellow citizens without any insurance or way to access affordable primary care. In this unprecedented time, the U.S. workforce is experiencing an all-time high for lay-offs and furloughed employees. With the unemployment rate expected to rise, Healthcare2U has launched a new membership to address the rising concerns of Americans. We understand those who have lost their jobs are dealing with the anxiety of losing their health insurance. And while we can’t take away the stress of this moment in history, we can do our part to provide access to primary care for everyone who needs it, at an affordable price.

MyDPCplus addresses furloughed and laid off employees within the US

MyDPCplus benefits include everything Healthcare2U has to offer, including affordable and convenient access to unlimited primary care services such as urgent care, 24/7 Virtual DPC and chronic management for 13 of the most prevalent disease states within manageable ranges, including diabetes and hypertension. Membership can be purchased by individuals ages 2 to 65, with access to care nationwide.

MyDPCplus is available nationwide through Zevo Benefits' enrollment platform

Healthcare2U has partnered with Zevo Benefits to bring MyDPCplus nationwide. Zevo’s robust enrollment platform provides every broker with a custom URL that delivers clients, and their employees, a painless and personalized enrollment process. Enrollments are made through ACH or credit card, providing each enrolled member with a personalized portal that allows them to edit their payment information, stay updated with their benefits or contact support directly.

Brokers can be ready for enrollments within a few business days

Any broker interested in offering MyDPCplus will have a complete and personalized enrollment URL within a matter of days after contracting. As a broker, Zevo provides you with a customized URL, tracking your enrollments and calculating your commissions. With Zevo’s template approach and easy integration tools, their platform can scale to meet your needs.

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If you are a broker that wants to help clients who have recently laid off employees, resulting in lost jobs and healthcare benefits, here is an answer for day-to-day care.Learn more by downloading the brochure to the right and we will be in touch. 

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Healthcare2U is a membership-based, direct primary care organization that provides employers of all sizes with unlimited primary and urgent care, nationwide. Our integrated model redefines the delivery of healthcare by providing a service for the early detection, treatment, and management of acute and chronic conditions, before the onset of serious illnesses.

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Zevo has a deep history of innovation in the benefits administration business. The team has more than 100 collective years in employee benefits leadership at companies such as Mercer, ADP/Employees, Unum, Tricerion Group, Innovative Process Administration (IPA) and others.

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